- Testimonials
“Casa Santos & Irmãos is a place where you learn to see, observe and feel beauty, but fundamentally here we breathe culture and admiration for the arts, never forgetting the friendship that is similar to a book, in which we should never step the chapters but to read every single page to become a better person every single day.”

Elisa Múrias


“As my family is a client of this centenary house in the city of Porto, which I remember, from my grandparents and lasting to my children and in the future to grandchildren, great-grandchildren and so on, it is a pride to see how it is continually updated, maintaining the quality and service. Congratulations!"

Mafalda de Lacerda e Megre


“I have always been well received in this house as I am 89 years old and I perfectly remember accompanying my father Dr José Ferreira de Lemos. I continue to be well received. When I have something to frame, I always come to the old Casa Santos Dourador.”

Rosa Maria Silva Reis

Owner of Real Companhia Velha

“It was in this house that so nobly contributed to the dissemination of the works of great artists that I also started to frame my works since I attended the Soares dos Reis School of Decorative Arts, and Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Porto, until today."

Eugénia Carvalho


“Santos & Irmãos, like Companhia Aurifícia, is a century-old company whose quality is indisputable. We worked together for many years (…)”

Julião Pinto Leite

Entrepreneur and Owner of Companhia Aurifícia

“(...) I offer my sincere congratulations to Santos & Irmãos Lda for such a rare longevity, working in an art of making frames of the most varied molds, original shapes for the different works and wishes of its customers. For the foundation, it has been a precious help to value the works that we have on display in our museum. (...)”

Maria Inês Diogo Costa

Director of the Guerra Junqueiro Foundation

“This house is over a century old. (...) I know that I arrived here through the hand of two good friends: the architects Fernando Lanhas and Manuel Nunes de Almeida. And I wish that it can continue to serve well, and with refined taste, the generations to come. (...)”

Rui Feijó

Researcher and Academics

“I have been a client of Santos & Irmãos for over fifty years! (…) I have always wanted to find the best solution, in an affirmation of the professionalism that I highly value. Best wishes (…)”

Luís Valente de Oliveira

Academic Professor and Former Minister of Portugal

“(…) Over the years I had the privilege of being able to accompany different moments in the history of this centenary space, which have the audacity to, not only adapt to another time, but also to perpetuate, preserve and honor the memory and heritage, in a unique and exemplary way.”

Helena Telles Viana

Academic Teacher

“(...) For us, visits and revisits of this space over four decades, in addition to the excellence of the work carried out there, where traditional knowledge is combined with modernity, it is the pleasure of having always found interlocutors of great artistic sensitivity. which are the true image of Santos & Irmãos.”

Natália Marinho Ferreira-Alves, Joaquim Jaime B. Ferreira-Alves

Academic Professors

“(…) A more than century-old house that represents Porto so well in terms of talent in doing well and in defending our heritage: authenticity and unique character! (…)”

Ricardo Valente

Councilor for Commerce and Tourism at the Porto City Council

"The Art section of the 'Martins Sarmento' Museum has been displaying the paintings with Santos picture frames for many years, never even having to choose the frame. And the work is always as it should be: perfect."

Mário Cardozo

Former Director of the Martins Sarmento Museum

"I am very happy to declare that, for some years now, I have been a customer of your House, where I have always been very well taken care of."

D Duarte Nuno de Bragança

Duke of Bragança

"Your house has always carried out the greatest accuracy and professional care in the execution of the specialty works to which they have dedicated themselves. My grandfather Manuel António de Moura and my father Tomaz de Moura were certainly of the same opinion there."

Abel de Moura

Former MNAA Conservative

"We express our full satisfaction with the way in which you have always attended to our orders and for the perfection and good taste of your frames, which occupy most of the paintings in the Museu do Caramulo"

João de Lacerda

Founder of the Museu do Caramulo

"I've always used it since my student days, and today I not only consider it unique in the country, but when it comes to the highest fidelity in reproduction I don't know any better abroad."

Henrique Medina


"The importance of the 'frame question’ is such that few artists will be satisfied with the solutions they have found for it. These dissatisfied and refined spirits find the best in the country in this house."

Júlio Resende